OPEL-CUB.GR offers its services under the following conditions that the user is expected to read carefully and to use the forum only as long as they completely accept:


As long as a registrant wishes to register in OPEL-CLUB.GR, they agree to:

a) provide valid and true information according to the details requested by OPEL-CLUB.GR in the relevant registration forms for access to the club's services and

b) to maintain and to thoroughly update all of their data, in order to keep them true, precise, valid, updated and full.


OPEL-CLUB.GR provides its services to its members with the acceptance of the terms and conditions of use and with the completion of their details. As soon as the user completes the registration process that has been set by OPEL-CLUB.GR, they will receive confirmation of the personal password and username that have been set by the user for access to the website. The members will remain exclusively responsible for all acts (including the transmittance of any material performed by their user account in the forums of OPEL-CLUB.GR). The members agree to instantly inform the administration team of OPEL-CLUB.GR for any unauthorized use of their account. Furthermore, the members are exclusively responsible for the careful use of their account and their typical log out off the website every time they have finished use of its services. OPEL-CLUB.GR is never responsible for any damage caused by the weakness of its members to respect and follow these terms and conditions.


The administration team of OPEL-CLUB.GR maintains the right to change or/and to even temporarily or permanently end a part or the whole of its services with or without warning to any of its users/members. The user/member understands and accepts that OPEL-CLUB.GR exclusively preserves the right to end any access to its services and/or to stop the availability of its content to any users/members believed to have infridged these terms and conditions.


OPEL-CLUB.GR provides to its users/members the ability to participate in conversations within its forums. The users of OPEL-CLUB.GR are obliged to follow the rules of good behavior and decency and are not allowed to proceed into illegal or immoral expressions. OPEL-CLUB.GR maintains the right to prohibit or to end the view of such messages in case they do not abide with the terms and conditions.

a) OPEL-CLUB.GR will under no condition be held responsible or considered to agree or accept any personal philosophy or opinion of its members that may be expressed within its forums.

b) The users of the relevant services of OPEL-CLUB.GR maintain the COPYRIGHT of literary property expressed in their opinions through their messages in the forums of OPEL-CLUB.GR

c) In any case that the administration team of OPEL-CLUB.GR is informed that the content of any messages that have been publicized by its members is offending others, the administration team has the right to immediately delete the messages or even the account of the user that created them.


As long as you post messages within the forums of OPEL-CLUB.GR and by participating actively to them, you should always abide by the following rules of behavior, that have been set down to secure the -as much as possible- smooth conduction of the conversations, as well as the avoidance of any probems, misunderstandings,and/or unforseen situations.

In particular:

a) the messages must be written EXCLUSIVELY AND ONLY IN ENGISH for the international section of the OPEL-CLUB.GR forums and in GREEK language for the Greek section ("greeklish" - ie typing of Greek language with latin characters is also allowed but should nevertheless be avoided). Never write with BLOCK CAPITAS, neither in the title of a thread nor in its content. It makes your messages much more difficult to be read and it also feels like you are shouting/yelling in the world of internet and therefore the constant and unecessary use of block capitals can very easily cause misunderstandings. When you need to point something out, you should use bold letters.

b) All messages should be posted in a thread that its title/subject is relevant with the content of your messages.

c) The title of your messages should be a short description of their content, as wel as to be as much as informative as possible, so that the readers would not be mislead.

d) Before you construct a new thread, it would be good if you can check whether its subject is aready discussed in another place of the OPEL-CLUB.GR forums - i.e. you should make use of the search option provided by the forum's tools to easily find what you are looking for, or, you can check the relevant forum category for it.

e) Moderators and Admins have the right to move any conversation to its relevant area, as well as to change its title, as long as this is considered necessary, by "justifying" with a message at the same time their decision to do so.

f) The content of the messages should be essential and clear so that no questions will arise by reading it and so that no readers can be mislead by it.

g) Any answers to threads that already exist are welcome as long as they contain essential and non-misleading information. Although they are not prohibited, answers of one word or/and "non completed" or/and "flat" and "pointless" answers should better be avoided.

h) Moderators maintain the right to move messages from any thread, that are considered to be "offtopic", either in a new thread in the same forum or in another forum.

i) You have the right to critisize ideas, but you do not have the right to critisize people.

j) "Attack" towards other members, moderators or administrators of the forums will NOT be tolerated under any case! By using the term "Attack", we mean any sort of "flaming", irony, mocking, swearing as well as any personal or/and racist/sexist insult.

k) As long as any conversation breaks the terms and conditions of use of OPEL-CLUB.GR, any participation to it is prohibited!

l) as long as there are any sort of objections, they should be expressed via the PM (personal message) system or by e-mail to the moderators / administrators and NOT IN PUBLIC. In this case the responsible moderators or administrators will remove without warning the insulting message(s) and they will send up to TWO (2) warning messages to the member that has broken the terms and conditions of use of OPEL-CLUB.GR. If that member does not abide by the rules, they can be banned from the forum for a period of TWO (2) weeks or even more.

m) Moderators have the right to move any thread to another place of the forum, as long as they judge that this is necessary. They can also move a thread to a special area, so that it can be read carefully by an administrator, in order to either remove the messages that break the terms and conditions or in order to promote certain acts that are considered necessary (ie personal messages including warnings or even Ban(s)).

n) In the event of a person responsible taking too long to respond to a matter, you should inform the administrators by PM (Personal Message) and they will examine your request. You should not open a thread expressing your complaints in public. If you believe that you have not been treated fairly, you should inform the administrators by PM and they will check your request.

o) Under no case are you allowed to give commendations to other members of OPEL-CLUB.GR for their behavior in the forums of OPEL-CLUB.GR. Only mods and admins are responsible for this. If you have a problem with any of the forums' members, you should inform a member of the mod/admin team by PM and they will take care of the matter for you according to their own judge. Any necessary acts (ie Ban(s), warnings etc) will be done as soon as possible. As long as interference by the admins is required, it may take even more than 24 hours.

p) Every forum member has the right to contain STRICTLY ONE (1) user account to access OPEL-CLUB.GR. In the case that a violation of this condition is observed, all usernames of this user will be instantly deleted.

q) Spamming is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, either in public or by personal messages, direct or indirect, as well as any advertising of companies, commercial products or/and services of any kind, without the accordance of the administration team. For more information concerning advertising within the OPEL-CLUB.GR forums, please contact an administrator.

r) it is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to construct events, group buys or any sort of actions in the name of OPEL-CLUB.GR, either by using or without using its online services, if there is no prior consent of the administration team and a written authorization by it for such actions.

s) OPEL-CLUB.GR and its responsible cooperatives maintain the right to delete any content that breaks these terms and conditions of use.


a) It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to post anything for sale without a PRICE.

b) Any sort of comments are not allowed in the posts of items for sale. Users are only allowed to ask questions about the items but they are not allowed to express their opinions about them (Whether they are expensive or not good etc). If you suspect that a listed item for sale does not have a reflective description, you should inform the administration team.


Every user has the right to optionally add his "signature" under any post that he pubicizes in the forums of OPEL-CLUB.GR
The following rules concern the signatures:

a) Text signatures should not be more than 5 lines.
b) Signatures CANNOT contain images, in order for the forums' pages to load faster.
c) Signatures CANNOT contain links to other websites.
d) Advertisement of commercial (or non-commercial) products or services is not allowed by using links or banners in your signature without prior consent by the admin team. If a user brakes these rules, their signature will be instantly removed and the user will also be instantly informed about it. If you want to promote your products and/or your services, you have to contact one of the admins of OPEL-CLUB.GR first.
e) Signatures should also abide by the terms and conditions of OPEL-CLUB.GR
f) As long as a user does not abide by the aforementioned simple rules, Administrators have the right to remove the user's signature or/and to even ban that user from the forums.