OK guys I need some help. Here's the thing, The windows in my Vectra arent electric. I want to make them, and thats all 4. How do i do that?

I know where to find a vectra with front electric windows. However i have to take them down myself. Does anyone know where I can find some pics how of its done? Basicly I have to find out how to get my mechanic windows down, how to get the eletric windows from the other vectra down and then put the second ones in my own car. The guys in my own club tried to explain a little bit but noone could find any pics and I dont wanna start without having any visual guide. So if any of you know a site or a forum where it is shown, even if its in another language ... The language doesnt matter, the pics are important!
Also don't worry about the cables and fuess and all the other staff. I just wanna know how to take down the machanic and electric devices.